CJAA FAST Pilot List


  • To receive a 2019 FAST Card, pilots must:
    • Be a current CJAA Member with paid dues
    • Paid their 2019 Fast Card Fee
    • Submitted an FPR issued in 2017 or 2018 to fast@classicjets.org
Name Email FAST
Benzing, Vicky Vicky.benzing@gmail.com Wing
Brutsche, Tim t28trojan@aol.com Lead
Culberson Bill migfighter42@gmail.com Wing
Glaser, Scott scott.t.glaser@gmail.com Lead
Harnagel, Nathan nathanharnagel@yahoo.com Lead
Keppeler, Paul pbkepp@aol.com Lead
Kirik, Steven pucksterL39@mchsi.com Check
Labriola, Lawrence larry@theairport.com Wing
Lee, Larry llee@plastech.com Wing
Matthews, Doug doug@dmatthews.com Check
McNeill, Zach z@warbirdseast.com Check
Peterson, Mark mp83705@aol.com Check
Pfleger, Michael mpfleger@hotmail.com Lead
Proctor, Tom tom@wlc-ltd.com Lead
Rust, Jeffrey jeffrey.rust@dyn-intl/com Lead
Staley, Ron rstaley1@comcast.net Lead
Sullivan, Dan dansullivanjets@hotmail.com Lead
Terfehr, Michael mterfehr@gmail.com Lead
Tibbitts, Marty mtibbitts@worldheritageairmuseum.org Wing
VandenBossche, Charles VandenBossche@cox.net Lead
Wyndham, Buck buckwynd@aol.com Lead